iTeddy Home

"...I love the product from the moment I saw it on Dragons' Den, great to see it taking off and for sale in Argos etc."
Martin Lucas

"I am very excited about iTeddy as it combines everything the young ones want these days, I have bought them both for presents but I am thinking of keeping one for myself I don't think my husband would approve as I am a 39 year old working woman..."
Jennifer Savage

"Loved the bear, I thought it would be great for adults not just kids...
Jane Adey

...I think [iTeddy] is the best idea ever. My 5yr old keeps asking can she have a television in her room, I think that iTeddy will be much better than TV which I can control what she's watching etc"
Mioiki O'Donoghue

"I've just seen the programme Dragonss' Den and I'm very interested in learning about your product...You keep on truckin son; you're going the right way. I'd like to buy one for each of my children."
Joe Winterbottom

"I saw your iTeddy last night on Dragons' Den. Instantly, I thought what a fantastic idea. Can’t wait to purchase one for my nephew and as a business owner myself I wish you the best of luck."
Catherine Munson

"Just wanted to say that I was incredibly impressed with the pitch on Dragons' Den and excited to see that I'll be able to buy an iTeddy for my son for Christmas. I think it's a brilliant idea, particularly being able to record yourself reading a story, etc. So glad they decided to invest - the UK definitely needs more entrepreneurs like Mr. Hakim, his presentation and obvious business sense were inspiring to me and hopefully many others!"
Susan Lea

"I saw your initial presentation in Dragons' Den...Amazing and a terrific innovation."

"I have a degree in early years, a diploma in childhood education and lots of experience in working with children (and especially children with Sense) and truly believe that this is a toy that can be adapted to suit each child's needs and interests throughout their childhood instead of being discarded when thought to be "too young" or not exciting enough for them anymore. I'm so impressed with you and the product and admire your determination and self-belief in this item and wish you all the best for the future. I'll be keeping a very keen eye on any future iTeddy generations too! Good luck to you all!"

"I was watching The Dragons' Den last night, and was relieved to see that there was a successful product! I think the iTeddy is a great idea, and if I was a little younger, I would be begging my parents for one right now!"

"Great fan of the den, think your idea was one of the best ever seen on there, you have two superb business men to support you, watched last night glad it is going well, keep up the hard work wishing you all the success for the future, rest assured will be buying one for my children."
Jonathan Edge

"I have been following u guys on Dragons’ Den. Your pitch was good and the product is solid. I’m looking forward to buying this in Argos."

"Have just watched the update on Dragons' Den am very pleased that I will soon be able to buy this as I think it will be ideal for my son who loves stories but is unable to read due to complex special needs. This product will not replace parents just complement a child’s education. Good luck with this great venture..."
Harriet Blake

"After watching Dragons' Den when Imran first approached them for the investment to get the iTeddy out into the market, I have been watching for it to go ahead. And finally tonight Thursday 26th July I have watched The Dragons' Den and saw that the iTeddy will be launched to the UK by December, and my fiancé and I would love to purchase one for his niece who has cerebral Palsy she is two years old and this would be a tremendous way for her to learn and to be entertained..."
Miss A Chambers

"This is just a simple message to say I think the product and the idea is superb and I wish you all the greatest of success in the near future!"
James Forshaw